The Hazel Bar

The Hazel Bar

100% Vegetarian ( we do use honey in some bars )
100% cruelty free.
Created in Small batches
Cold Process
Palm free

This Bar:
Oh the splendors of Witch Hazel working together with the rose clay and paired with delightful rose, lavender and orange oils.
This is how to say good morning to your skin.

The Recipe:
All our handcrafted soaps start with sea salt, responsibly sourced Shea butter ,
Cocoa butter, Kokum butter Greek Olive oil, Simple, natural, completely handcrafted yet so luxurious.. Made in small batches with passion and good intentions.

Key ingredients:
Organic Coconut oil.
Greek Olive Oil.
Kokum Butter.
Cocoa Butter.
Essential Oils
Phthalate-free Fragrance Oil
Skin Safe Micas.
Sea Salt
Witch Hazel

May contain: walnut shell, activated charcoal, herbs.

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